March 16, 2013

The book worm knits!

I am knitting a super cool cardigan using the pattern Lydia by Ashley Fay. And it's plain stockinette - but brainless on purpose! I'm working while I knit! Woohoo, here's a way to motivate working long hours on a Saturday. Reading articles from the lap top works well, but the knitting needs to be really plain for this type of reading. Lydia is a raglan pattern worked top-down and a kind-of ribbed shawl collar is added by picking up stitches.

I'm using Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100g Uni/Solid in three colours: tweedy green 07004, tweedy lilac 07002, and black/grey gradient 2503. The yarn is not great - the colours are but the yarn has little surprises here and there. Not much, but the quality is not as good as Regia 4-fädig - colours are much nicer though! I have to admit I played a long time with the merino option of this yarn and other alternatives at the shop, but I could not resist these colours. (Confession: I have it in blue, navy, and pink as well...) Nevertheless, I love this project. I already have plans to do it in some of my handspun yarns.

Here's a linky to my Ravelry project.

Some thoughts about blogging
Well, after many hours of hard work I returned back to blog design issues. I think I am putting things together... I realized I can add a bit of borders to make the photos look like they match the theme. Starting to like what I see. I downloaded a free software Perfect Effects Free, and I can say I like it. The company has a commercial version with more features. The options in the freeware are rather limited but there are some nice effects and I think it is straight forward to use for someone who's never used Photo Shop.

I also realised that blogging in two languages is rather laborious, so I decided to write in english - you'll probably find some issues with grammar and weird word choices but hey, I'm confident enough. Feel free to comment in finnish if you like.

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