July 25, 2012


Tour de Fleece inspired me to card batts for a cardigan. I had dyed tops to have something nice when I want to mix batts. The tops were piled on my table, waiting to get listed in my Ravelry stash. They looked really nice together, inviting and cute, and I could not separate them from eachother. So I mixed them together.

I got eight batts, altogether 500 gramms, and I named them "Seabreeze". I combined alpaca in natural gray alpaca and light turquoise, two different superwash merino tops, and mulberry silk.

It looks lovely as a single - I've got about one third spun so far.

July 23, 2012

Eglantine socks & squishy birthday cake

Welcome to my brand new spinning-knitting-crocheting-sewing-etc-blog!
Currently I'm knitting the Eglantine socks (Ravelry link) pattern by Nicole Masson. I made my own heel, and have not followed the pattern after I learned the panel, but it is very pretty. This pattern is available for free.

I have modified the pattern slightly at the ending point. Rather than stopping where the pattern repeat ends I just continued in the style of the pattern to make a diamond shape finish for the panel. This is somewhat easy to do. The yarn is Araucania Ranco. It started a pooling twist in the cuff and I continued with alternating rows using both ends of the ball.

Sock knitting inspired me to card batts to spin sock yarns. I just love carding squishy batts that I like to mix several times to make them appear semi-solid in colour. I carded this batt as a gift for a friend who organized a spinning event to celebrate her birthday. Her favorite color is orange.

The batt weights 92 gramms and has 87 % superwash merino and 13 % nylon - to make a nice sock yarn. I dyed both tops before carding the batt. Of course, I did not take pics about the hand painted top.

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