March 21, 2013

Recycling yarn - the silk sweater

I have been recycling yarn for some time already - I think I have unravered about 7 sweaters. After getting my little guy I found many of my sweaters too short - maybe I changed, or the fashion? It demands a lot of character to give a loveliest ever silk sweater to UFF (local charity), especially if there are memories associated with it...

I bought this 100 % silk sweater when I was staying away from home in Austin, TX, in 2006. I could not fit in it anymore. I had already taken it apart when I realized to get the camera.

First I measured it: 22 sts per 10 cm, so I think it's a DK weight. Then, I took apart the chain stitched seams. I got 850 m and 300 g of ribbon yarn, with 13 knots. The sweater was knit with a spandex filament which I separated when frogging this (worth the job!).

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