August 17, 2012

Ruby cardigan - finished!

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I finally finished this cardigan that took forever to knit (because of a dozen other projects, active time to knit this was not that much). The pattern is Ruby (here's a Ravelry pattern link) by Kim Hargreaves. I love the styles of her designs and have queued several of them.

Due to it took me a year to finish, and I lost 10% of my weight due to a low-carb diet, the cardi is quite big (I knit size M without mods, except the collar uses twisted ribbing instead of plain, and the belt is modified). I like it and I might knit another in a smaller size. I would be over the moon with this sweater unless I hadn't lost the weight, but I can't blame the pattern for that. And the joy I get from loosing the weight totally outweights the slight disappointment with size.

Nevertheless, the pattern flatters a curvy shape, hiding those hills and showing the valleys... ;o) That's also one reason why I like Kim's patterns - they typically look flattering on a curvy body. But certainly would look good on anyone. I am women's eurosize 38-40, and around 10 in US sizes, and I think size S would have been better for me.

The yarn I used is Novita Luxus Cloud, which contains wool and bamboo - I'll return to edit for yardage later. It is slightly thicker than the suggested yarn. I love the feel of this yarn! Too sad it is discontinued, as Novita seems to be targetting the supermarket segment more narrowly.


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